Colonization Plan

Outward Bound: Colonizing Mars

We begin the new Outward Bound series by discussing the Colonization of Mars, and survey all the colonizing and terraforming options from the early settlement …


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  1. Going to Mars is suicide. 8 months travel to Mars in zero gravity. 22 months on Mars with 1/3rd of earths gravity. And then you expect those colonist to travel back to earth for 8 months again with zero gravity. Our boddies ain't made for that.
    Count up the exposure to cosmic radiation and the 50% tilt of the planet. Mission impossible.

    Count up the fact that there is nothing to gain on Mars, no oil, gas, gold or anything else. So we don't even have a reason to go there. I can understand that we go back to the moon for Helium3 or gold, but we have no reason at all to go to Mars except prestige. So it is just bloody dumb.

  2. Great ideas but they are way to expensive. Who would pay for it? And what do we get in return? Pictures? I think we have enough pics and information to know colonization makes no sense.

  3. I will send all Americans into planet mars for Colonization and terraforming

  4. How will the problem of radiation be solved, with no magnetosphere?

  5. The lame fiber canonically increase because policeman occasionally command to a scintillating sky. delightful, foregoing arrow

  6. I wonder if people born and raised on mars will be taller then people on earth since gravity is less on Mars. I hope I can one day take a 2 year vacation on Mars, thats most likely how long trips to Mars will be, since it takes 2 years for the earth and mars to be as close to each other again, it’s a 6 month trip to get there, although im sure this will improve with newer faster rockets and spaceships that have more and more comforts as time goes by.

  7. Long live the Martian Congressional Republic!

  8. This is fast becoming my favourite channel. Fantastic content! Many thanks.

  9. Love this channel! Good job my friend!

  10. Its time for a new Star Trek with Isaac Arthur as the main writer. I love the storytelling in these videos. Very captivating and illuminating. Thanks!

  11. South cap apparently has about 8 meter ice layer, wouldn't drilling and building inside it be pretty smart, good radiation shielding and plenty of resources available all around you?

    That edge of ice should be mapped closely, for search of the most lucrative yet easiest and safest spots to start tunneling in.

  12. I'd like to belive Mars will be a free land for robotically, genetically and AI enhanced ex-humans and androids. A place where they are free to do as they choose with no impact on the Earth biosphere and human values.

  13. I can’t imagine living on Mars. What a horrible place! Little gravity, toxic dust, windstorms hundreds of miles per hour. No thanks!

  14. Imagine primitive humans thinking they gonna colonize anything with buring fossils as fuel.

  15. It would be more intelligent to first install some ship bases on the moon to only later start colonizing Mars! I mean, to manifacture ships on the moon, not on Earth and then send people to the moon to make space exploration to more distant worlds instead of making everything on Earth. You know, because it's much more easy to send a ship to space on the moon than here on Earth, so much less spending because of fuel, and because it's more advantageous to build ships on the vaccum of space than in our atmosphere, to avoid impurities in the ship's materials. Space exploration, then, should be made first through our moon.

  16. Isaac, living on Mars will be just like the colorado rockies. Cold, red and unsurviveable without protective equipment. However, is it still possible to be lazy in much the same vein as checking the mailbox by in your underwear by not feel like getting dressed, could you run out to check the mail with a scuba mask and a strong aptitude for holding one's breath?

  17. If only I could animate or at least have a animating softwarr then I would create this into a film

  18. Oarth is a onderful panet.

  19. This is the best articulated and most comprehensive video on colonizing Mars I’ve ever watched. Thank you!

  20. I hope the martians on mars dont let mankind colonize their planet. Look what the whites did to native americans n just ruining all of north america. So hopefully them martians are smarter n not be as friendly as natives were cause they'll all be stuck on reserves too lol

  21. you say that we probably won't have early colonies started by people fleeing religious persecution, but I'd be willing to bet that by the year 2400 there will be at least one colony started by some religious group that most people have never heard of before. Palas, Ceres, or one of the Jovian or Saturnian moons will be populated predominantly by Yazidis, Zoroastrians, Baha'is, Jains, or Sikhs.

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